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Know that You Are Loved
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I'll admit it.
I'm an extremist.

Once I get a hold of a powerful idea, I typically jump right in make it happen, purely on Faith and Enthusiasm!

That's how  Magnificence Mail!
tm was born. It was Fire! - Aim! - Ready!?  without waiting to calculate the costs or secure long term funding for producing and delivering this Free, year-round eGift. I simply saw a dire need and realized I had the Desire, know-how and healing response-ability to fill it. And now what began as a little experiment  has become a daily treasure in the lives of people in literally every part of the world!

My Knowing, then and now, iz that among the Magnificence Ambassadors who receive these daily messages, there would be those who come forward to join me in supporting this mission, ensuring that Magnificence Mail!
tm continues uninterrupted as a Free daily eGift of healing adoration to any and all who ask for it!

Magnificently, love offerings from appreciative subscribers started showing up, before I could find the time to ask for them! These attentive and caring souls by their generosity have given birth to the Magnificence Angels!

I've said elsewhere that I dont write the Magnificence Mail!
tm messages as much as I receive  them. My Dream has always been to reach out and truly touch you by sharing these gifts of Divine Guidance. And the testimonials that have come, glowing into my inbox every day since we began in November 2003, are indeed all the reason I need to keep giving my All and then some to the You Are Magnificent!tm mission.

If you are inclined and able to do so, I'm inviting you to share in the Spiritual reward that comes with knowing that through your gift, YOU, are touching all the current and future Magnificence Ambassadors everywhere who come to Magnificence Mail!
tm to be reminded that they can always Breath.....Relax.....& Know that they are Loved!

Be An Angel!

And Thank YOU! on behalf of the many many future Magnificence Ambassadors your gift will touch via Magnificence Mail!tm, this site and a world high on shameless adoration and boundless Love!
How You can become a Magnificence Angel!

Make a Single Love Offering of any amount you choose

Truly $1 offered in Love iz just as treasured as $1,000!  So far, our largest single contribution iz $500 (Thanks Anonymous in Los Angeles ;~)  The smallest, $10 (greatly appreciated!)  Expected operating costs this year iz $30,000.


please choose from the following:                

$5   each month.........CLICK HERE!
25   each month.........CLICK HERE!
$50 each month.........CLICK HERE!

To arrange your recurring contribution in a different amount or frequency than those listed above, or if you are unable or unwilling to use  please email me directly:

Make your Love Offering of Support in Kind by donating your special skills, services or office equipment to YouAreMagnificent!com  

And as always, you are a True Magnificence Angel to everyone you share the gift of Magnificence with by forwarding your personalized emails or by linking to this site.

FYI - Under certain conditions (such as owning your own business, and being able to claim your support as a professional development expense) your offering may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional to be sure.

YOU Are Magnificent!

Magnificently Yours,
Ps. Of course, you were always an Angel!!!