Know that You Are Loved
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an Ordinary Day.....

You roll out of bed, not sure yet if youre awake or still dreaming and promptly stub your toe on the way to the bathroom.....mystery solved. Youre awake.

Armed with the lap-breakfast of your choice, you settle down in front of your computer and brace yourself for the inevitable strain on  your delete finger from dealing with all the spam.......

But Lookie Here!

Instead of the same 'ol spam, you see a message announcing:  

"YOU've Got Fan Mail!"  

It's a totally unexpected, heart felt, courage-boosting message of admiration from someone youve probably never even met before.  Then you click on the link to your very own web page in the Magnificence Ambassadors Directory and you see pages & pages of Fan Mail written to you by people from Montana to Morocco who are  playing the Magnificence Game!(tm)  With you!

You suddenly can't smile wide enough!

And you can't believe how much pure love and admiration iz pouring out to you from your computer screen.......It really iz your day after all!

the Magnificence Game!(tm)  iz ......

YOURS  for the taking!

While I really love writing/receiving daily msgs of Magnificence for your healing enjoyment; I know from experience in sharing various Magnificence Rituals over the years that the Real Juice comes when YOU take the driver's seat and get to rain Magnificence all over someone else JUST BECAUSE!

There are TWO ways to Play:

1.   Join the Game as an Amateur by subscribing to Magnificent Mail!
(tm) and writing your own Magnificence messages to the Ambassadors that appear on the other side of the "Mystery Box" link in the daily emails.  

There's no cost to join as an Amateur, anybody can do it, but I gotta warn ya....writing this stuff can be addictive!

2.   Get totally in the Game as a Pro Player

Each Pro Player will be chosen at random times to appear within the daily Magnificent Mail!
(tm), with a link to YOUR OWN web page in the Magnificence Ambassadors Directory. And each person, anywhere in the world who receives Magnificent Mail!(tm) will be invited to visit YOUR LINK to learn more about you and to WRITE TO YOU!

What's in your directory listing will be up to you -- within reason. You can use the space to introduce...
(not just advertise, I know you can appreciate the difference)
Your Business
  • Your Favorite Charities
  • Announce You're Looking For a Hot Date
  • It's All About YOU!
  • Choose Whatever YOU WANT  to emphasize as Your Magnificence!
  • As a Pro Player you'll be registered for a 90 Day Game Session -- this makes sure everybody gets a fair chance in the Spotlight. In addition every Pro Player will be listed, with their photo, in the searchable Magnificence Ambassadors Directory for a whole year!

    Imagine the thrill of every Magnificence Mail!
    (tm) subscriber in the world being directed to find and practice their adoration skills on YOU!!!

    So much of regular marketing iz based on how well they can scare or trick you into their service or product.

    It doesn't have to be that way!

    Deep down, don't you just KNOW that inspiring the natural Highs of sharing adoration, honor and Magnificence can out sell fear tactics?

    I know you do, and together we'll prove it to the world!

    The Magnificence Game iz a shining opportunity for people like you, who can appreciate the difference Love makes in the marketplace and everywhere else, to step into the spotlight, where we need you, right Now!

    Play as a Pro or as an Amateur, just please come out on this Magnificent Belief-Leap with me today and add your Light to our simply wonderful, Game!

    I'm in love with what I KNOW the Magnificence Game!(
    tm) will do for everyone involved, players & visitors alike!

    My Promise to You iz that the Magnificence Game!(tm)  will forever change the way the way you think and act in your business, personal and spiritual life Magnificently for the betterment of you and everyone you touch!

    I know this because I've been playing and teaching it myself for several years now with singularly remarkable results.
    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, or just talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not be?"
    ~Marianne Williamson,
    as quoted by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural address
    Rules of the Game
    1. Subscribe to Magnificence Mail!(tm)
    2. Read your Fan Mail every day
    3. Write from Your heart to as many of the Players as you can until you're bursting at the seams with Magnificence!
    4. Enjoy all the new friends & admirers you'll meet
    5. Turn On everyone You know to playing the Magnificence Game!
    Get In The GAME!

    This special link will take you to a Pay Pal page.

    Magnificence Game - Pro Player Registration    90 Days  for  $49.95

    After you've registered, send the following information to :
    • a Photo of you to publish in the directory
    • a Magnificent Bio of you and your achievements (try for 300 words or less) including your contact info/links, including one for your favorite charity
    • THREE ways you'd like to see your Magnificence expanding in the near future
    • and VERY IMPORTANT - your solemn promise to play the Magnificence Game Full Out by writing to as many of the other players as you can (at least 3 a week iz fair I think)

    7 Reasons You're Gonna Love the Magnificence Game:

            1.  100's (even 1000s) of smiling, newly encouraged, inspired and turned-On people clicking on your photo, reading your bio, visiting your links; looking for things to genuinely like and love about You!
    You really ARE Magnificent!
            2.  Going to your page in the Ambassadors Directory and reading 5 - 10 - 20 & more, fan mail messages of affirmation and adoration, from perfect friends, clients and partners you havent met yet.....And being able to continue a meaningful conversation with each one!
    You deserve to be Adored!
            3.  Your business, vision and strongest desires introduced to a worldwide audience of uniquely receptive people seeking positive like minds & hearts for their professional, spiritual and personal pursuits!
    You will love getting fan mail!
            4.  You get a personal website complete with search engine optimization & a year long membership in the Ambassadors Directory, all for only $49.95!
    You are worthy of Special treatment!
            5.  You know that playing Full Out in a Game like this with super positive, proactive people from all over the world, and having that be what feeds your bottom line -- Iz the nonstop party of your fondest utopian dreams!
    Your souls purpose needs YOU standing in the spotlight!
            6.  Your listing in the Ambassadors Directory gives you an instant "All About Me" web page complete with glowing testimonials and superb Google positioning. It'll be the easiest and most effective website you never built!
    You really love sharing your Light!
            7.  Buying the uniquely targeted exposure we've arranged for you to receive as a Pro Player in the Magnificence Game would cost you many Thousands of dollars -- if it could be bought, which I doubt, since mutual Love, Respect & Friendship are the currencies fueling this Magnificence Movement!

    I know You already
    ARE a Magnificence Ambassador.

    My question iz will you take this step to live it Out Loud and On Purpose, or try to keep it our not-so-little secret?

    (btw- that's not a secret I can keep!)